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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Blogging Project Runway Season 5 Episode 7

We've transferred our 'Project Runway Blog' from Facebook to here and here's our latest entry:

May: I feel like I need to get back into the right frame of mind and my normal routine, being a total fashion nerd ☺ so I’m going to start blogging project runway again. Yay! This episode was actually surprisingly decent. I thought it would just be shit after all those good designers were eliminated from the show the last few times due to the idiocy of the project runway judges, but this time round I actually saw some good fashion being produced on the show. Moving on to rate the runway.

Manda: So... I've skipped Episode six, because like May said, there really isn't much to comment just that Daniel shouldn't have gone home. Okay, I didn't really liked the challenge; I feel it wasn't very original or constructed [since the materials were already in the car... i guess its advertising for 'saturns'] but I loved the outcome!


May: Blayne’s outfit was bad, just bad. It was typical tacky Blayne. What do you expect? The outfit looked like one of those poorly made prom dresses they sell in jc penney or something, lacking totally in taste and design. Just throw on some shiny stuff and make it look ridiculous and try to get fashion. The top fitted so blatantly poorly that I couldn’t for the life of me understand how he wasn’t at all concerned about it before the runway show. Why is Blayne still here?!

Manda: The model's boobs' look like they are at different levels, and this garment officially added 20 pounds on the model. I don't really understand the silhouette, I mean if the top is suppose to be loose, it should've been done more exaggeratedly (bare backed), but if it were loose, it won't be able to enhance the "rhinestones" he used on the top, and yep the judges were right, the dress was a bit too long, it really didn't hide the fact that the garment was indeed made from parts of car interior. I do like rhinestones though.


May: Jerell’s outfit, I have to say, was a stunner this episode. Normally I’m on the fence about Jerell’s stuff and his overall taste level, but he really proved himself in this episode. I thought this outfit was totally cute and looked like it came straight off the ready to wear runway. Loved the model’s hair as well.

Manda: This really reminded me of last year's MaxMara & Dolce and Gabanna collections, with the futuristic hairdo and the robotic garments, but I really liked the dress, I like how Jerell added 'soft' shapes on the dress and he really spread the 3 tones of colours well.


May: Overall I’d have to call this a pretty boring dress. Nothing about it was terrible really, but it just didn’t stun me or wow me in a good way. However, I give him props for not doing something in the same colour scheme as everyone else ( i.e using the seatbelts.)

Manda: No, I don't understand. First impression: F1 racer. I really don't like the feel of it, the model seems to be wrapped around with a "blown-up" car seat. I think the colours doesn't work.


May: Keith really blew his chance this time to turn out something better. The outfit wasn’t very impressive. I thought the back was pretty disgusting actually, with that weird fishnet fabric and the skirt all ripped.

Manda: Too bad Joe had "immunity", because I don't think Keith would've gone home with an boring outfit. I think this is quite a boring outfit, its already the 7th episode, this is more like 1st episode material. Bye Keith. (you should learn better; don't talk back at the judges. -_-)


May: This time I wasn’t so much impressed with what Kenley made. I thought the drawn on pattern was a cute idea, and she definitely had an innovative silhouette going on there, but it just wasn’t really that flattering. And drawing on patterns in the end of the day IS kind of amateur.

Manda: As much as I think the zebra print is interesting, no one will wear something with prints/patterns that is water soluble to some red carpet event. Again, I think the silhouette is quite interesting, reminds me of something Pierre Cardin designed back in the early 90's with the fanned out waist. This also reminds me of Miu Miu's S/S collection this year with the mini dresses. But I do find the skirt a bit too straight and awkward, I would preferred it to be shorter, about mid thigh length, it would make the fanned out skirt pop!


May: I really loved this coat by Korto. I can really see Korto’s signature style emerging from these episodes, and I’m beginning to really like it. I would wear this coat just as it is. Very cute.

Manda: ALAS! Something not boring! Okay, I'm going to make references again; this reminded me of Bottega Venetta's weave. This looks really intricately executed and I like the loose "Men shoulder" sleeves (i have a black zara jacket that follows this style) it makes the silhouette not boring and it allows space for the big weaves to "move around". I would totally wear it if I were that tall and when I wear it, the hemline of the jacket won't reach my shins...

P.S. D'you see Korto's face after the Judges made their comments?


May: Hands down best outfit of the episode. This dress is so unbelievably cute and sexy. I love everything about it, especially the bust area and- screw that, everything. This is something I would gush about if I saw it on the runway. It’s even vaguely reminiscent of chanel couture ( wow, that’s about the highest compliment I could give.)

Manda: I love this! I disliked almost all of Leanne's outfits in the previous challenges. I don't think I ever gave a ten before.. heh. Well, I think how she ruffled the cut-out seat belt parts were really innovative, I like how the ruffles cross each other (hiding the cleavage lol). The "weave" and over lapping of the fabric around the waist is simply stunning! I love how this emphasised the female silhouette, also, this looks like something from an editorial spread in VOGUE! Perhaps Balenciaga or Prada? (Prada did something similar with the weave in the bag collection earlier this year) p.s. I WOULD WEAR THIS. I WOULD SO WEAR THIS.


May: To tell the truth, I really didn’t mind this outfit that much. I mean, it wasn’t beautiful or anything, but I think stella actually deserves some points for making something different. The skirt is very Herve Leger bandage- though a bit poorly made, still flattering I think. The top and the skirt don't look right together, but it’s not atrocious. Stella didn’t deserve this much of a beating for this one.

Manda: The top is fine, I'm okay with the skirt. The combo is bad. Looks like Frodo (May, you know lord of the rings right?) in the top wearing the skirt. If she were to go with the pattern of the skirt and made a full-on cocktail mini dress, it might be better, as the top really doesn't go well with the skirt. Stella, please don't waste our time.


May: Ugh, this looks like some kind of tacky hooker’s outfit. I mean, the shining stuff was cute, in a way, but this dress once again just doesn’t measure up to taste level. And it really does blatantly look like she’s wearing a car tire. I just can’t see anything in suede.

Manda: I think the outfit is interesting, with the combo of materials, but the design is a little amateur, its not really new, however, I think tires make fun bodices :D


May: Ahhhh!!! Here is where I once again do not understand the judges!! This outfit was horrendous! I don’t understand how they cant see the “horrendosity” of it. This really, really really, looks like something stella would wear.. and that’s not a compliment. I feel like terry has been making a lot of fugly clothes lately. This is definitely the outfit I would have chosen to go home, no matter what the judges say.

Manda: What the f&%$ is this. Isn't the model wearing Stella's clothes? Terri looks like she went to pick up scraps from a gothic rock thrift shop and pulled together the rejects.

All photos from bravotv.com

posted by May and Amanda with love :)