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Monday, September 15, 2008

Project Runway S05E09

Manda: So here we go again, another disappointing challenge - The Designers were told to design an Avante Garde Look, partnered with the designers whom were previously eliminated. Most designs: Failure Relapse.

May: The designers were told to create an avante-garde look with previously eliminated designers WHO DIDNT HAVE A CHANCE TO COME BACK INTO THE COMPETITION- come on that isn't fair! I want my Daniel back! But oh well. I think compared to previous challenges, the designers actually did considerably better this time around.


Manda: Yet another "pooping fabric", I can totally see the messy ruffles as an amazing scarf, but seriously, this outfit is "Rainbow puke meets Leatha!"

This is the worst outfit of the whole episode. what a disappointment.. Blayne churns out the same ugly things again and again. If i ever saw anyone walking down the street/ at some sort of an event with this look on, I'd probably send them straight to the mental hospital. The black leather things look like they came out of a sex shop, some kind of weird bondage gear or something. then he basically put her in a white wetsuit and stuck a bunch of multicoloured tulle down her bodice. puke.


Manda: I think this outfit is very well tailored, this look is very complete, though I would say that the skirt isn't that all flattering [the checks are very Prada] and I really like the print on the blazer, and the little feathery details on the cuffs.

May: I loved the skirt of this look, especially the pleats at the hip- very darling. the jacket i didnt dig as much- jerell to me is either a hit or miss. But overall, it was a nice look. gold sequins are always good.


Manda: Straight-On Avant Garde. But I am undecided about this look. I guess the top part is cute, [the gems on top and the fabric reminds me of Dior]. I think the pancake bottom is interesting, but the depth of the ruffling layers are too unevenly even it doesn't see like its done on purpose.

May: After close viewing, i've decided that i actually like this look. the fabric used to create the skirt is quite stunning. Daniel's immaculate taste comes through here. it does kind of look like a volcano, though, doesnt it? with lava spewing down the sides or something. i cant even remember what horizontal sign this was inspired by though.


Manda: I don't like the straps on the shoulder, it doesn't really make any sense to me, the colour of the strap doesn't compliment the dress, and I think the colours of the dress is really not that original. Bleah.

May: Oh Amanda, I disagree!! this look was my favorite! the model looked like a fairy coming down the runway, ephemeral and dreamlike. this dress has to be seen in action- it flows so beautifully. I think there are also many signature Korto elements here, her style is really coming through. I would have picked this look for the win. I love it.


Manda: Yes, the dress captures your eyes like it's suppose to, the shaved-layering of the semi collar is amazing work, but I do want to point out that I dislike the colour combination. The singular oval pieces on the dress is quite interesting. Hmm.

May: I also dislike the colour combination. Leane is very good at the unexpected pleats/cuts thing, she's in her element here, so it all turns out very nicely. but red and black just doesnt work for me. I would have liked to see some grey in there or something.. i'm a grey lover :)


Manda: I really liked this. Although it wasn't Avant Garde enough, we've seen the master Jil Sander work the see through materials, but i must say that Suede and Jerry did a good job making the clothes flow - even with the puffy pants with the choked ankles, they sucessfully detached itself from being "Aladdin".

May: This look didn't deserve all the grief it got. I liked the top, flowed perfectly and was very darling. don't quite dig the genie pants though- sorry Amanda, Aladdin came through for me. I agree that the look wasn't avante garde enough, however. I would have been glad to see Suede go, though, despite this. never liked him much.


Manda: Terri, What the Fug? This looks like an art work display of what your insides would look like if you had Lung cancer. This photo does not do justice; it looks much worse on the runway.

May: Hated this look. it was so tacky. all the fabrics were ugly and Terry was a queen bitch to Keith. Booh. Glad to see her gone.


Manda: This look is very interesting. I think the shoulder sleeves should've been more exagerated, perhaps in a more fierce shape - (not making it look like someone stuffed your sleeves with tissue paper) Anyways, I like the selection of fabric/prints, the spacial floral skirt is very cutely vintage.

I actually liked this look. the judges are so mean to my dear Kenley. This look, to me, is very reminiscent of Prada (the fairy collection), with the checks and the florals. I love how Kenley isn't afraid to take risks. I mean, this silhouette might have been done before, but what in fashion hasn't been done before? seriously. it's a cute outfit and I applaud it. :)

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