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Friday, October 17, 2008

hello paris

Here's my very very incredibly late Paris fashion week recap. sorry guys!

Ah, Paris. There is logic behind the saying "saving the best for last", you know.
let me share some of the highlights of what i saw at Paris fashion week this season.

1. Military inspired goofiness and dreamy florals at TAO BY COMME DES GARCONS:

I was immensely impressed with this collection. I loved everything from the inspiration to the execution to the presentation- and I'm a huge, huge sucker for buttons and florals. it was flawless. I'd never payed much attention to TAO before but this collection definitely got me jumping on the train.
wear these looks to: horse riding, and then to a tea party.

2. Futurism, sequins, and hot boys at BALENCIAGA

just look at those striking male models and their wonderful outfits! :) that aside, once again, amazing silhouettes from Balenciaga, and I always love anything shiny. this is a brand that always keeps it interesting- I can remember no instance of them being anything short of inspiring.
wear these looks to: an art gallery opening. and then clubbing.

3. Chic blue belted sophistication at VERONIQUE BRANQUINHOM

the lines of this collection really impressed me. the overall feeling came off so nice and sophisticated. that one landscape dress is mouthwatering, and the overall styling is just impeccable. another designer to watch.
wear these looks to: work, at the office.

4. Fantastical lost worlds at TSUMORI CHISATO

I don't know why, but this collection brings to mind fantastical lost worlds for me. I love the boho chic of it all, the braids, the ridiculous tribal-inspired shoes, and this brand's overall willingness to go crazy with prints and colour.
wear these looks to: a picnic. a photoshoot picnic. central park.

5. Amazing silhouettes and art deco inspired talent at REQUIEM.

another collection that completely, utterly, blew me away. This designer uses black and white like no other. I love the unlikeliness of the designs. these looks are red carpet ready and just scream "i have immaculate taste."
wear these looks to: a posh, high end dinner party. everyone else will just look tacky beside you.

6. richness and complexity at MIU MIU

look at those hungry eyes! Prada somewhat redeemed herself with her collection for MIU MIU this season. I can actually see myself wearing some of these pieces- I personally enjoyed the genius of the first look, the tattered, ragged, holey pleat dress. and that harrowing makeup- oh, it's too much.
wear these looks to: tour the DUOMO. in Milan. and then go to see the opera.

7. Thigh skimming sexiness at DIOR.

here's where I'm going to bring up the "sheer" factor of Paris this season for the first time ( but definitely not the last): there is an abundance of sheer looks this season! the designers are re-embracing the sheer trend. look at how this is reflected in the Dior collection! everything is short and amazingly cute looking. the models sport adorable little buns on their heads while wearing gorgeously sheer flowly skirts and dresses. perfection!
wear these looks to: a cocktail party in the flower garden. am i making sense?

8. Bow ties and coolness at CHLOE.

I love how CHLOE girls all look effortlessly cool.loved the bow ties and the scalloped look in general, and how everyone has windblown hair and is sporting an expression of nonchalance.
wear these looks to: school. seriously. you'll be the coolest kid in class.

9. Class, duh, at CHANEL

could CHANEL every make something crappy? the answer is no. This season's mega-collection once again set the bars for elegance, class and high end style. look at those amazing sheer leggings- sheer again!and that first dress, that ethereal goddess of CHANEL look. you cant even downplay it. you cant.
wear these looks to: the Oscars. or something. do not desecrate CHANEL clothing by going out to the ghetto or something with it. respect, respect!

10. Ok now you can go to the ghetto in these at VIVIENNE WESTWOOD.

just kidding. I actually enjoyed the VIVIENNE WESTWOOD collection this year round. the outfits were crazy as always- when were they not? but there's method in the madness. the loose gladiators are amazing- does this mean the gladiator trend will live another year? please do!
wear these looks to: well, by all means anywhere if you're brave enough to wear em. :)

11. The perfect hourglass shape at RUE DU MAIL.

Stunning colour palette too. and the detail!
wear these looks to: byrant park, fashion week. walk around outside and wait for the photographers to come swarming up at you.

12. The epitome of sheer amazingness at NINA RICCI.

what did I say? sheer sheer sheer! these girls look lovely in the muted colours and the sheer, sexy leggings.
wear these looks to: dance class. a date.

13. wearable contemporary art at HUSSEIN CHALAYAN.

his designs this year remind me of a psychedelic trip to the MOMA. and that's a compliment- I love the MOMA.
wear these looks to: where else? the MOMA!

14. Playful summer notes at CACHAREL

CACHAREL always keeps it young, flirty, and colourful.
wear these looks to: Paris. the whole collection screams Paris, in the spring time. Oh love.

15. Oh those ruffles!!! at VANESSA BRUNO

the ruffles are too much. I just want to go worship them. there's something about tiny, delicate black ruffles that is so endearing.
wear these looks to: work, but only on special occasions. :)

16. more sheerness! and highwaisted suspender trousers at JEAN PAUL GAULTIER

why do i like brown coloured suspender trousers, belted at the high waist? I have no idea.
wear these looks to: the movies? ok, maybe not the first look. save that for the special someone. ;)

17. the perfect artsy little lady at AGNES B.

everyone wants to be her.
wear these looks to: the art museum- like the Uffizi or something. Florence.

18. girls looking really fucking cool at YOHJI YAMAMOTO.

I love this whole girls in a guy's clothes but looking sexy as hell thing. I don't know how he pulls this shit off but he does. I want to wear that first look on the street. smoking a cigar. with red lipstick on.
wear these looks to: impress the shit out of other people.

19. Classy! at Valentino

Valentino's always so sweet and classy, I almost can't stand it. the change of designers seemed to be no problem this season. the line's signature look is still going strong.
wear these looks to: anywhere.

20. amazing blazers at SOPHIA KOKOSALAKI.

I'm realy liking this collection this season as well. the shiny sheen of the clothing, the muted gold touches. and of course, the fit of the blazers is orgasmic.
wear these looks to: work, at VOGUE.

21. Prints at JUNYA WATANABE.

nice tights too.
wear these looks to: cherry picking?

22. Floral ruffles at JOHN GALLIANO.

always thatrical galliano. there two looks werre my personal favorites. again, sheerness. and floral. what else do you need?
wear these looks to: garden party. tea party. lunch meeting with mom. anything!

23. Oh the drama at GARETH PUGH

I normally really dislike Gareth Pugh but this season was big highlight for me. are the clothes wearable? no. but they sure are inspiring, theatrical, and interesting to look at. I love them pleats.
wear these to: - well, I'd be impressed if you dared. otherwise, halloween?

24. nice pins at CHRISTIAN LACROIX.

there really is more to it than that. it's late and i'm falling asleep. I love those lace pants. and that green dress reminds me of fine decadence. don't ask why.
wear these looks to: a gala. I like that word. gala. it fits.

25. dipdye and sheerness, my two favorite things, at CELINE

Why does Celine always make the nicest dresses? and they always look like you need to be especially gorgeous and worthy in order to pull them off. I am not gorgeous and worthy but still, i drool over them. I love the banded waist area.
wear these looks to: someone's posh birthday party.

26. This is just cool at VIKTOR AND ROLF

I didn't even like the rest of the collection. but i had to put this picture up. psychedelic awesomeness, you guys.
don't bother wearing this look. just marvel at it.

27. and this is really gorgeous at EMANUEL UNGARO

ok, that's the last look. an amazing muticolour, floral-coral print (at least that's what it looks like and I just want to say floral-coral) coat dress. oh the things I would do for this coat. i feel like if Joseph from 'Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat' was a girl, this would be her look. no wonder all them brothers were jealous.
wear this look to: make everybody jealous!

I'm out. i can barely see the words on my screen. and I have a midterm tomorrow. this is how much I love you guys.

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