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Friday, November 7, 2008

Random Fashnaps

Fashion Snapshots:
I've always loved taking photos of things I see on the streets I find remotely amusing, so its no surprise that I take snap shots of fashion in the streets. Living in London, being fast paced is something I've observed and now a master of, and thus its impossible to take a photo of someone walking on the street, unless there was a red light involved and you get your chance to "snap" in that split second, and me being me, I'm quite shy to go up and ask to take someone's photo, so I'll have to do this the paparazzi way...And not to be caught for invading other people's privacy, it makes it extra hard for me...
I've only been here for less than two months, but its been a feast for my fashion-thirsty eyes:
[these are the only ones my fingers were fast enough to capture]

From South Kensington to Camden Town:
1. Cute vintage looking sun dress in the middle of S.Kensington, casually accesorised - with a red sling back and a short sun hat.
2. Print tee with all the fashion capitals in the world - New York, Paris, London, Milano!
3. The thin belt trend this season - worn with a long sleeved tunic.
4. Look at the texture on her skirt! chiffonish folds!
5. And the Goths in Camden Town
6. Yes Pleats! I want a pleats skirt now.

I might start taking photos of people at CSM, too many interesting dressings in school to miss :}

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