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Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Asylum: A Fashion Show at CSM Backhill

Today, the whole foundation course was invited to see "The Asylum" - a fashion show pulled together by the Fashion communication class.
The show was due to start at around half past 1 and by the time i got there, there was already a long queue outside the Viscom rooms, I wondered if we were all going to be able to fit in...

After a short shuffle, I sat in the front row around the middle of the runway (good to see the beginning and end of the walk). Just as the last batch of people came in to the fill the space, a black&white clip of non-other than artsy enigmatic images were projected on a white cloth, which draped over the entrance to the runway. Electric funky dance tunes fills the room, the images end. The show starts.
(there are too many photos, so i'll just post a bundle)
On a complete random note, this made me think.. where along the runway are the best front row seats?

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coco said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Sunniva said...

This show looks so interesting! Thank you so much for posting the pictures xox

Amanda and May said...

Hey no prob!

thanks for visiting the blog! :)