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Friday, June 26, 2009

edgy accents

Attention everybody! CHEAP STUFF CAN BE GOOD TOO!
a few days ago, while I was flipping through "People- Style Watch" ( yeah, I admit to reading that- SO?) , I caught side of these gorgeous GoJane.com t-strap flats with gold pyramid studs. The minute I saw them I knew I wanted them. So I perused the gojane.com website and ordered these stunners right away- and they were a flipping 11 BUCKS! I got them today and opened the box and what beauties! and right on trend for this season's stud obsession!

Alright, so the quality isn;t tippity toppity, as one would expect from a price like this, but who cares about quality when you're a broke college student trying to look halfway decent anyway? I paired the sandals with a plain white, sheer, zipper accented tank top and acid wash denim shorts.

speaking of web ordering, I've been doing a lot these days since I've been trapped in the hellhole of nowhere called New Jersey. I'm sure everyone remotely interested in fashion in the U.S and their mother know about the online sample sale website Gilte Group by now, and from that very website I ordered a very cute Steven Alan nautical striped tank top for more than 50 percent off. It has a very cute braided neck, and now I am even more in love with the designer.

apart from the absolute perfection of wearing the top with high-waisted shorts, I also tried wearing it not tucked out, letting the hem hang loose and free. And of course, blue and white goes well with red. I particularly like how this combo turned out:

necklace bought in China, shorts American Apparel. It's a very casual little girl look I suppose.

I've also taken to taking photos of pretty things sitting around my room-- here's a little selection ( some of my own stuff/ gifts):

I really like how they turned out. have a good weekend everyone :)

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