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Friday, June 19, 2009

Just Romping Around

Fashion lovers! now you must have been hiding under a rock for the past few months if you haven't noticed the hot new trend that has popped up recently everywhere and has taken summer by storm: the romper/ jumpsuit/onsie!

Like, I am sure, many of you out there, at first I wanted to dismiss this trend as a fad, because I though: hmmph, how could anybody look anything less than ridiculous in an oversize baby onesie? i mean, if you look like a model in your spare time, then yes, maybe you could pull it off-- but models can even pull wearing garbage bags off, duh. when it comes to us commoners, well then that's another story.

But this trend has been going strong for quite a few months now, and with all those romper sightings on the street, even I'm starting to get a little restless and am experiencing an incredible urge to jump on the bandwagon. but how to wear this trend without looking like i'm about five? I did a quick search on the internet to round up plausible rompers out there, and I have found that many of these rompers indeed tend to scream "incredible" rather than "infantile".

Yes, the following have made me a convert:

First of all, this lovely romper above designed by Adam Lippes has left me quite breathless. I love how it manages to look like a two-piece rather than a onesie- I suppose that's cheating a bit, eh? But what a lovely way to ease oneself into the trend. This piece is very sexy, sophisticated and flattering- notice how the shorts flair a bit to hide nasty cellulite? and a universally flattering halter neck. i would even feel comfortable wearing this to an office. imagine- a romper at the office! get it here.

and then, once we're comfortable with the idea of rompers, we can venture into bolder territory:

This is just an effortlessly cool look from Steven Alan's spring 09 collection. There is nothing childish about this romper; it's extremely urban and right on trend. I love the buttons and the crinkly fabric. how incredibly je ne sais quoi. get it here.

Now, knowing me, I like my everything floral. shoes, dresses, skirts, bags-- and that will, of course, also include rompers. while searching for the perfect floral romper, I found myself increasingly sick of granny-ish liberty prints, and so I was extremely attracted to this bold, graphic, colourful pattern offered by Kimchi and Blue. I love how the romper does not take itself too seriously, the fabric being comfortable and understated yet the silhouette still preserving that certain degree of feminie sexiness. Here, at Urban Outfitters.

Speaking of Urban Outfitters, the store really does offer a delectable selection of the style. This is another great piece by Samantha Pleet I found which can only be described as utterly adorable. The corset shape and buttons are absolutely darling and flattering, and the peachy, pastel colour is right on trend for summer. I can't wait to order it here.

And of course, if you have some spare change in your wallet, why not look to the big designers? Marc Jacobs always has something fun and stylish to offer, and this polka dot romper is just irresistable. Classic black and white print on a delicate silk background; well worthe price tag here. Now that's really taking this trend high-end.

What do you say? no longer intimidated by the hard-to-wear trend now, are you? Hit the streets ( or the web) and get yourself one right now! summer will definitely not be complete without one. For rompers, I only have one word: "Yes!"

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coco said...

Nice selection, some of them even look more like dresses at first.