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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

the slashing of the tights

so i admit i've been tempted to do this for a long long time. after seeing how grunge-chic and effortlessly fabulous bloggers like gala gonzalez looked in their home-made slashed tights, and how versatile the seemingly hardcore accessories proved to be, paired with all types of dresses, skirts, and shorts, i thought i simply have to give this a try. now at first I was hesitant because i didn't have the types of fabulous motorcycle boots or cute vintage booties one seemed to need to pair with them, but just recently on my trip to Montreal I purchased some peculiar zara trf shoes that only set me back 20 bucks and seemed like they would be perfect with a pair of aforementioned slashed tights. so i went to h&m, found the cheapest pair of black footless tights available, took them home and slashed away.

voila: (please excuse the messy room and very retardation worthy pose... it's a lazy wednesday and i can't be bothered with anything really)

i've only paired them with simple american apparel acid wash shorts and an old zara tshirt, but i'm sure the possibilities are endless.

i chose to slash the tights in the front as opposed to the sides, and not all the way down. i can't say they came out exactly how i envisioned, but really how could they? i was slashing them myself with very blunt scissors after all. i don't know, they're starting to grow on me. thoughts?

Posted by May ( sorry for disappearing so long, loves.)


Hella Ela said...

These look great!