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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Not just your average materials.

In the past few months before I graduated high school this year, I designed and made some fashion related artworks for my Visual Arts Class. I'm still an amateur designer experimenting with basic materials X]
Origami Bodice.
This is an Issey Miyake Inspired Bodice.
[CLICK image to see further explanation]

Issey Miyake is a legend for using Origami and modernising kimonos' voluminous concepts in many of his designs, this is why I chose this great fashion master's work as my inspiration on this Project, i wanted to create a short dress or a gown that was made up of all the "folded-fan shaped-flowers", but I decided to make just a little bodice to illustrate this experiment of mine, as I was also out of time and nearing the end of the course. This idea actually came from couple of designs from my "Paper Dolls" series:

I'm not a Plastic BAG!

- My Plastic Dress
This dress was inspired by the 60s mini-dress/tunic as well as Louis Vuitton's Checkered Tote.Me wearing my art piece

The Bubble Dress.
testing some materials
the finished product :)Me wearing my art piece.

Posted with love by, Manda.


Sunniva said...

I love your plastic dress, and the bubble dress is just brilliant! I'm really impressed with your talent!