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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Under-the-radar cool.

here i am, my first contribution to this blog. thanks amanda, for taking my mind off the hectic college life and giving me this little internet haven of fashion. :)
i figure i should start out by introducing one of my favorite designers of all time, Chris Benz.

i love this guy. what i'm gonna put here is his resort collection for 2009. he uses the most amazing colours and he plays with silhouettes like no other. this is what i'd like to call " i just rolled out of bed and threw anything on but i still look fucking amazing" look. here are some of his pieces:

ok, that's it for today :). i'l probably post some nyc street fashion pics next time, gonna go take a walk along broadway ( high street heaven) and around greenwich village tomorrow.

love, May

Bonus: My favorite piece from his 2008 s/s collection:
hell yeah. orange when it's done right.

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LOVEandLACE said...

I love the Dress May! The FAB-ric (lol)looks amazing!

Savvy Mode SG said...

it is a very savvy collection and so wearable.