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Thursday, December 18, 2008

tights!tights!tights! and kitsch 1990s lace

i was bumming around style bubble and stumbled across this article: a meditation on the ny times' article about the return of sheer and lace black tights. now if you know me, you know that i love sheer/lace tights as much as any other; i own about a million pairs of black textured tights and 2 pairs of sheer ones, one plain and one with a back seam courtesy of my stint at american apparel. but, admiring the pictures accompanying this article, i suddenly decided that all the tights i owned didn't matter- the only ones i wanted and the only ones i would ever need in order to make my life complete were these ( on the left, sheer with black hearts):

i absolutely adore the look of these tights. they may look like sheer black tights with polka dots at first glance, but a quick zoom into the picture tells you that these tights are in fact SHEER WITH TINY LITTLE HEARTS- how cute is that? and who other to think up such a darling design but Betsey Johnson herself? the article cites 30 dollars at betsey johnson, but alas, i stalked the betsey johnson website and couldn't find them, thus a panic attack ensued. thankfully a quick google search yielded the necessarily knowledge: the tights are purchasable at Urban Outfitters, but alas, quite unreasonably, they are only available in the UK.

here are some more pictures i found at Urban Outfitters UK of the darlings:

they are 16 GBP and if you are lucky enough to live in the UK you can get them here.
I can just picture wearing this sexy pair with an american apparel high waisted shiny skirt in champagne lustre ( worn as a dress, of course) for a perfect new year's eve outfit. :)

excuse my extensive knowledge of american apparel stock.. working retail there gets to your head sometimes.

well, moving along, i've left new york city after horrendous finals and have now found myself comfortably in suburbia, idling in my mum's apartment. ah, the life. apart from spending most of my time baking brownies and frosting cakes, i constantly raid my mum's old 80s/90s wardrobe, and have actually come up with some darling vintage finds in the process. among my finds were an amazing alexander wang-esque grey button down tuxedo-vest dress that i am sure my mum has never worn in her life ( photographs will come shortly), an old country-granny type floral embroidered wool vest, and the most amazing kitsch lace top with extravagant sleeves. this top is, just about the most over-the-top cheap lace confection i have ever seen in my life, and that makes it extremely covetable. i tried it on and cinched it's shapeless waist with a skinny brown belt and Voila! instant glamour!

look at that adorable bottom hem! what do you think? i paired it with my american apparel black acid-wash jean shorts but i dare say they would look fine with simple skinnies. ( excuse the poor quality of the photos, i took them with apple photobooth).

oh i love my mom's wardrobe. now if only i could get my hands on grandma's stuff...

[Edit] I'm not in the city now but if YOU ARE, you lucky scoundrels, there is no way you guys are going to pass up this:


just a friendly reminder because i love you all.

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