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Saturday, January 3, 2009

thakoon for target- the "i've seen it" report

tempted by all the hype surrounding thakoon for target in the fashion blogosphere these days, i felt obliged to hop my broke ass on the bandwagon down to the local target for a look-see.

here's my synopsis:
I have to say, being an avid fashion follower on a tight budget, i've seen many designer/high street mass market collaborations in my days, and, excluding alexander wang for uniqlo ( which was positively genius and will never be surpassed, god bless my little 40 dollar alexander wang for uniqlo vest dress that is the most beautiful item on earth), thakoon for target has to take the crown as my favorite one yet. of course, i wasn't around last year for luella, which looked fabulous from online, so ok, my judgement's probably not entirely objective. but thakoon for target IS good. in fact, it's really fucking good. i coveted just about the entire collection.

this cardigan caught my eye first ( picture from the rather unattractive target website, i'm sorry :( tried to PS them to the best of my ability):

i loved the idea of the signature print, and for me the tees were too casual, the printed dresses/coats made of too cheap target-esque fabric. this signature thakoon print is perfect, however, on this soft cardigan. this would be charming body-hugging with a black camisole inside or even extra large to create that grunge effect.

then my eyes went to the rack of green directly behind me:

these colourblock dresses were really nice to look at. i didn't have a chance to try them on, but i do see the dilemma of whether to belt it or not- a belt would awkwardly cut in half the colourblock effect, but wearing the dress without a belt means high requirements in the tailoring department for this- and since it's target after all, i wonder if the standards will be up to par. i can only say if you're coveting this number my advice would be to try it on yourself. with the right fit, this dress would be darling. i have to say the green looks much fresher in real life though. my camera phone isn't gifted in the megapixel department.

anyway, then my eyes swerved left and i set eyes on some beautiful printed dresses:

i am enamoured with this print and the pleats on this style at the front are adorable, but i found the straps and the white underlayer to be kind of cheap and unreliable looking. therefore i fell more in love with the style behind it- not very visible above, but here's a picture from the website:

really, this would be the perfect summer dress. i can just see myself in this adorable number accesorized with strappy sandals and large sunglasses, shopping in the sun somewhere... ok i won't get carried away, but my heart was instantly seized with that hunger one can only get for a specific item of clothing, that primal, tearing need to shop. of course buying it was out of the question, seeing as i couldn't be more broke at the moment, but this dress will definitely haunt my thoughts for at least days to come.

while browsing i was also very attracted to this short sleeve cardigan:

i never quite understood the point of short sleeve cardigans.. i mean if it's cold enough to have to wear a cardigan, you really don't want to be baring your arms right? almost as unfathomable as short sleeve winter coats. however, for a short sleeve cardigan, this looks very chic indeed- not at all cheap, and in person the fabric feels soft and cozy. the cardigan also speaks to me in a very A.P.C/boy by band of outsiders/ 3.1 philip lim kind of way- am i even making any sense? it's not overly designed, very effortlessly stylish. i quite like the look of it. i also like the idea of wearing something stripey in it.. usually i do not applaud target's poor styling, but their idea is a good one. i'd probably go with wider strips and a lower neck ( such as a navy blue and white wide striped camisole) to make it more nautical chic, and then maybe push it a little and dangle a chain link necklace around the neck, what about that? pair with dark pinstripe shorts and t strap flats.. well i'm getting carried away again.

alright, as an alternative to my sublime blue and green summer dress ( or maybe as an addition!), i found a psychedelic floral print in the same style:

this would also be awesome with some nice brown gladiators, a head band and some sass :).
and last-look-wise, this rack of print:

is covetably visually exhuberant. pick yourself up any of those items to get a healthy dose of thakoon for the cheap :). though I, unfortunately, could not bring home any thakoon goodness with me, browsing the collection alone was a joy, and especially with that thrill of "well if i really really really wanted it, I COULD AFFORD IT!" well, at least when i cash in my last paycheque..

oh there you have it in a nutshell. rush to target NOW. that's my word of advice. i hope you will all get as excited as me!

(oh how i love having this blog so i can post about materialistic things my mum thinks i'm crazy to be jubilant and abnormaly passionate about.)

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