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Monday, February 23, 2009

A glimspe at fashion @ CSM's Showcase 2009

Okay, I've always wondered what CSM's prestigious fashion course come up with during their course, and last weekend I went to the showcase CSM had set up at Southampton Row to see what the BA courses are up to (kekekeke >_>) There were only 3 outfits on display by the Fashion BA course in CSM...but this gives you a pretty good idea of what 2nd (i think) year students do...
Hmm.. despite the "wearability" of this outfit, I am completely mesmerised by the colours. Psychadelic awesomeness anyone? This calls for a DIY session! Anyone has an animal skull lying somewhere at home, glitter bits and an endless supply of glue?

Now let's move on to a more subtle design:I must say I really like the simplicity of the white poncho. The division of the texture really lets the viewer absorbs the volume and draping of the whole piece as well as be more able to focus on the knit pattern.
This one I have mixed feelings about. But one thing for sure is that I love the textile design of the cardigan :)
HaHa...to end on a random note: May & I would probably wear all these outfits XD

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