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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fancy Footwork

wow. i really haven't been posting properly these days. All my posts consist of insane obsessions over certain items with no intelligent text to accompany them whatsoever. i suppose the dying of brain cells that's associated with inhumane winter weather is to blame. All the creative, fashionable energy in my veins now has been directed towards a longing cry for spring.

O SPRING! hear my cry! you can't come fast enough! I'm sick of all my falling apart boots and my outrageous, tragic UGGs, which I shamelessly admit to wearing every day in order to fight off that stupid new york city wind. For this post, however, even though now UGGs might still come in handy, I'm projecting my vision into the future. What does one wear in the springtime, when it's too hot for old, ugly clunky winter boots yet still too cold for sexy summer gladiator sandals?


I know, I know. You want them and you want them bad right? Well, if you chance to have, uh, 1498 dollars spare change lying around you know.. you can get them here. Uh, yeah. well all good things come with a price you know. yeah, i wish they didn't too.

while we're on the note of beautiful footwear, I just have to share some other pictures i've discoveed: the photos are of the exclusive sneak peak at Chloe Sevigny for BASS and Opening Ceremony's new line at London Fashion Week, and even though the clothes were gorgeous and very cool, it-girl Chloe Sevigny appropriate, what caught all my attention were the amazing strappy black leather wedges Chloe Sevigny designed for BASS that donned the feet of many a model and Ms. Sevigny herself:

now i really don't think those wedges could take the awesomeness any further.. i'm sure if i owned them i would instantly become the sexiest girl in town. I would be "The Girl In The Strappy Black Chloe Sevigny For Bass Heels". Oh a girl can dream!

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coco said...

Oh wow Chloe looks so cool. I want those wedges.


These shoes are amazing!

Sunniva said...

Those gladiator boots are amazing! And Chloe looks so great xx