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Friday, May 8, 2009

Vivi ♥ May.

I was in HK this easter break...and finally got hold on 2 issues of vivi and just wanted to post some trendspottings from the May issue :) vivi 虽然在 london 的 China Town 有的买,但是在中国买的就是不一样!好怀念和老莓、Ashley 一起在北京看~ ):
支持 Jun! yaya
Pack away the Berrets - Straw hats are in! - the latest addition to your summer wardrobe! (hmm...straw hats with floral dresses and gladiator sandals too? XD) ><>

Oh btw, studs are in too. . .
me with my thin studded belt, i'm tilting towards pastel colours this summer (:
its late, shall head to bed, good night :]

love, manda