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Friday, August 28, 2009

You're either in or you're out! PR is back!

Project Runway is back and so is our version of RATE THE RUNWAY!

Week 1 Challenge: Red Carpet Look


May: I thought this was a nice dress. I liked what she did with the top and the whole slinky feel of it. the colour is nice as well, but I did not think this was outstanding. I look forward to more of her stuff though.
: The scrunchy textured halter is a nice detail. I agree that the colour choice is good; a silky grey, and not a cheap silver look, but I am not sure its the right fabric because it doesn't seem to flow as nice, and there is too much wrinkle on the bodice.


May: I agree with the judges that this was a little bit of a disaster, but the girl has creativity and I think she could have turned out something unique and nicer had they kept her around. I mean, the idea of creating her own fabric was very original. I suppose I understood the elimination on the grounds of what she made this episode, but oh well.
Amanda: Hmm... I don't get what she tried to do with the “football/soccer” patterned fabric. This really did not answer the brief at all, I'm not sure any celebrity would wear blue striped shorts to the Emmys. True that she was innovative, but in this business, you have to be. Good call voting her off.

Carol Hannah

May: This dress was one of my favorites. I suppose it did not stand out to the judges, but I thought the design/pleating at the bust was absolutely adorable and I loved the warm colour tone. I like how this dress does not fall into the boring, unoriginal template of red carpet gowns and is very fresh and quirky. I do think the dress would have turned out better if she stuck to two layers instead of using three as the difference in colour comes out a bit clumsy, but I think the change in colour is so gradual that it does not distract from the overall gorgeousness of the gown. I’ll be watching this designer.
: Loved the colour she chose, the colour would compliment any celebrity's skin tone. I think the dress is very romantic, yet it has an edginess with the folds on the front, so it is not overall old-fashioned. Though I think the layers at the bottom adds volume, but I feel the arrangement of the top fabric makes it seem like an oversized slip-dress. Nevertheless, this was one my my fav designs as well. I didn't go gaga over any particular dress this challenge, but this might be my fav.


May: I really liked this dress, as did the judges. Personally I did not think it was absolutely amazing with a capital a, nor did I think it was the best dress out of them all, but I agree it is a cute little stunner and very now. Would I wear this dress? Absolutely.
Amanda: Very chic! The judges were right on the layers of ruffles, perhaps one lesser layer would make the dress more elegant than funky.. but hey, if you're going to the MTV VMAs, then this is the dress.


May: I did not like this dress. I thought it was completely overwhelming, unflattering, dull and drab. The tulle at the bottom looked ridiculous and dated and the neckpiece looked like it was strangling the model. Definitely not an edgy, fashion forward red carpet gown. Fail.
Amanda: There should not be so much “dress” of this fabric, the colour is so monotonous and old, it would be better to be made into a cropped tunic or anything shorter. There is no excitement (despite the attempt...) on the top or bottom of this long trail of disaster.


May: This was my favorite dress of the episode. I thought it was the cutest little thing! I loved the geometric design on the bodice and the sheer overlay of turquoise. I also loved the length. Very original, well thought out design. The only problem I could see the judges having with it is it does not look very red-carpet, perhaps more cocktail. But I still love it. what a darling dress; Very flattering too. I did not have much faith in Gordana when I saw her first but now she is one of my favorites.
Amanda: The design played with the fabric very well, good colour choice that complimented the fun design very well. Young and chic. I like.


May: There was nothing very wrong with this dress, but then again there is nothing that is that great about it either. In general I thought it went the safe route and strikes me as quite plain and unentertaining. The colour palette I found very dull and the choice of fabric plus weird black sash at the waist seems uninspired.
Amanda: I feel that this dress is an extension of a lingerie piece, but I really like the fitting lacey frame of the dress on the top, and I thought this dress was red carpet-worthy, but I would have loved to see more texture open up to the flow from the top down.


May: So I didn't get what was so great about this dress. I have to admit the back and sides were nice, and I liked the red, but overall I thought the dress was boring and a bit shapeless. I don’t see how this would flatter any woman’s body. I felt the judges were judging a little bit unfairly, giving him kudos for being the underdog. But I this is supposed to be a fashion competition.
Amanda: I don't like the red, red ensembles never really looks good on red carpets.. rmb Penelope Cruz's disaster? Why would u want to blend in with the floor? Anyway, what I really loved about the dress was how the dress moved; it flowed smoothly and I loved how the sides draped.


May: At first glance, this dress seems like a deathly, drab bore, but when I viewed the details of the dress (which you cannot quite see in the picture), I realized there are a few nice things to be excited about. First of all, I like his choice of leather at the top, and then there is a very edgy zipper detail (yep, it’s a zipper going diagonally down her front!) and a very cute pleating on the left bustier. That immediately made me give him props. The dress was also cut well and pretty flattering. It’s not a showstopper, but the details left me pleasantly surprised.
Amanda: I don't think the silver fabric worked, I would have wanted to see a more drastic colour divide; maybe the black with cream white? Create a more bold statement... because this dress from the front is really a bore to me, the only thin I liked was the singular strap (and the shape) that flows up the collar and connects to back of the dress, somehow makes it sexier than a bare back.


May: This dress, I thought, was pretty dreadful. How many times have we seen this fabric used, and the whole shoulder corsage idea getting used again and again? Yawn. Brown is such a horrendous colour choice, too, and if that’s not enough, she gives us two shades of brown dividing the garment weirdly down the front.. wtf. This leaves the dress looking like one side of it is dirty or something. The whole concept is hard to understand, and the look is very dated. What a failure.
Amanda: I think division of the colours are a mistake here, whats the point of a division if you don't want it to stand out in the first place? >;\ This dress is not flattering and there is way too much draping. She looks like she's wearing expensive curtains.


May: Ok, strike me, and maybe I’m just biased because I always root for the asian, but I kind of like this kid. The dress did not fit well, I admit, and it definitely does not look red carpet, but this kid seemed to have a nice design, just not very perfect execution. I liked the pleating on top and on the bodice. I don’t know. I’m waiting for him to make something beautiful next time.
: I do love the folds, but this fabric is drop dead boring, (did he use canvas or what!??) and the silhouette is yawn. I would love to see this outfit, in a dfferent fabric and not the boring 'A' shape.


May: Well for me this was the worst look of the episode. I really felt for this kid but that did not make this look any better. Why any star would want to wear a “gown” like this on the red carpet is hard to come up with. Not only was it a drab ass colour, it was see through. And it has the weirdest, scrunched up neck ever. This dress looks like it came out of an amish woman’s wardrobe. I am not kidding. Even before he realized he got the measurements wrong this poor kid looked like he was making something horrendous with the dip dye blue and nude. the change in design, however, only made things worse. Hope he gets better next time.
Amanda: ….I really do think the dress speaks for itself...


May: I quite liked this look. The black, bandaged, little minidress look is very “now”, obviously, as every hipster and their moms have sported it. I have to admit his design is not quite original, as he peeled it right off lookbook.nu, probably, but it still shows he has an eye for the trends, and the look is quite fresh and youthful. Not like Lindsay lohan is full of style, but I could picture her wearing this. I suppose that works.
: The straps around the dress seem to be “misplaced” in terms of whole texture and if this were papier mache, it wasn't glued on very well. I do think that this dress overall is very form fitting and sexy.


May: Wow. What’s up with that weird spelling of “crystal”, first off? Was her family trying to be special? Ok no disrespect.. but that’s weird. Now onto her dress. I thought it was pretty much a disaster. Not only was it poorly executed, the fabric taste was just poor. The pattern was tacky and garish and would not have done well on the red carpet. For once in the whole show’s history I agree with Michael kors’ comment on this woman’s taste level.
Amanda: I must say that at first when the dress came out, it was a fresh breathe of air compared to some dull dresses before this one, but I really don't digg the fabric choice, and true she was creative on the asymmetrical side of the dress, scrunched up and draped down the back, but this looks like a barbie doll's dress, which is best seen as a 8 inch garment..hehe.

Ra’mon Lawrence

May: I have to say this is a nice dress. It is a bit conventional, though, and I feel like he failed to take risks. I mean, it’s a pretty dress, the pleating is nice and the ruffle sleeve is pretty, but nothing wows me. Nothing makes it stand out and make me think: this guy has some serious talent. So I need to see more from him. I’ll keep watching.
Amanda: This dress from the waist down, is a bore. Is it me or I feel that it wasn't very well hemmed? The top being very elegant as well as the nice detail at the back makes up for the boring bottom half.


May: At first I wanted to be mean about this dress, but I took a look at the back and I have to agree the back is darling. So I give her a few points. But that can’t really excuse the dated, not at all cute look of the front. The weird cape makes absolutely no sense and the body of the dress on the front is super boring. I can just imagine what us weekly would say—something like “when we didn’t notice xx has turned into somebody’s grandma”. No. look does not work. Ok I still ended up being mean.
Amanda: Why is this colour so repetitive!?? the dress is so old fashioned, even IF the back has the nice trail of draped (“sparkly”) fabric, with a boring front like that no one is going to bother to take a second look.

So there it is, our comments! for more information on the designers and models, go to www.mylifetime.com !


Miss Mae said...

I'm loving the stylish commentary!! I am so happy the show is back on. I even have my boyfriend waiting for Thursday nights!

<3 Miss Mae


Emily said...

I'm glad PR is back too, even if it is on Lifetime. And I pretty much agree with all of your comments lol. I really wish they had kept Ari because I actually would have loved to see more of what she could do. Mitchell really just... needs to go.

Speaking of which, have you guys seen the second episode yet?

Great blog =)

Amanda and May said...

Hey Emily - just in case you didn't see, i replied to you under your "worst jeans in the world" post.

Heini said...

Wow, they´re all awsome. PR is such a great programm. It will come out as Finland´s version this fall, and I´m really looking forward it!

Robine said...

I love Project Catwalk! <3

Ashley said...

I like Carol Hannah and Christopher's dresses..very chic and modern.


vitaMinn style said...

You guys had very good commentary, such keen eye for fashion! =)

I missed the episode but I'll see if I can find it on hulu.

Flashes of Style said...

looove this show so much! I've been quite excited about it.



I love thie show so much! Its always fun to see the clothes working process in a great way!
Thanks a lot for your sweet message, I adore to know great new places!

You are so great,

a kiss and a hug!
see you!


The Six Six Sick Girls said...

Hm. Haven't been really inspired to watch it this season, seeing as The Fashion Show was so dissapointing. Is it worth it?


Flashes of Style said...

Prettyy! Love all the pieces :)