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Monday, October 26, 2009

APC Shows Us How to Dress This Winter

The new APC Fall/ winter 2010 collection makes me want to let my hair down, draw freckles on my face, and stroll around the streets with a stack of books against my chest and a cup of coffee in my hand. Truth: the first thing that I said to myself when I saw the catalogue was: Now that’s what I want to look like the rest of fall semester while I’m toting my notes around campus. I want to be THAT girl.

The French label’s winter collection embodies effortless beauty: not too dressed up and not too dressed down, not too trendy yet still irresistibly cool. The plaids, wools and muted colour palette of the new collection is slightly preppy but with a tinge of hip and grunge- the injection of a little French je ne sais quois that makes the end product a little more chic than Ralph Lauren and a little more refined than Marc Jacobs. This lookbook is not just a catalogue, it's sartorial inspiration.

And if you’re still nostalgic for summer florals this winter, then APCs collaboration with designer Jessica Ogden, a sub label called MADRAS, is for you. See? This brand has it all! The florals are a little toned down for winter; smaller and a bit more subtle, so the style of the collection is still very reminiscent of APCs main label, albeit a bit more playful.

Standout piece? a bright red jumpsuit that can be paired with a perfect checkered shirt.

Thank you, APC, for making winter a little more bearable.

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