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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lookbook Love: Orla Kiely Spring/ Summer 2010.

Since coming to London, I haven't really been hunting for local designers apart from the occasional ( ok-- who am i kidding-- weekly) topshop trip, and I thought maybe my interest for fashion was taking a backseat among all the school work and travel plans and shows and literature that have been clogging my life of my late. So I was relieved to find that my passion for fashion ( excuse the cliche) was not lost at all when I stumbled upon this UK gem, Orla Kiely.

Now maybe I've been living under a rock for too long and Orla Kiely is already pretty well known world wide, but up until relocating to the UK I haven't come across this brand. Apparently it's a pretty well-established UK brand, though, founded in the 1990s and expanding from homeware and accessory design at first to a full line of clothing now. Truth be told, though, I think Orla should just stick to fashion from now on, because while their plates and wallets are cute with their muted colours and leafy motifs, they can't possibly hold a candle to this lookbook of loveliness!

the model's white cotton socks and peach tinted cheeks ( not to mention her lovely clothes!) are already having me giddy for spring.

This proves that the UK really does have more to offer than grey skies and drizzly rain. :)

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S said...

I love this color pallete, it remids me of china dolls