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Friday, January 29, 2010

Conquering the London High Street

New developments: I Think Fashion is now in the same city! Yes, I have relocated myself for one semester to London and will be joining Amanda in shopping sprees and wardrobe malfunctions all across this dear European continent. No worries, though, I will still be returning to New York, and I will retain as much of the East Coast Style as I can during my stay here, so the change of style will be a short one.

While I'm here, though, there's no way I'm wasting time dithering and dathering at home when I can go shopping! London isn't a city that is very forgiving on your wallet, so I had to lay off the designer brands ( which, really, not like I ever laid on in New York either) and went to discover what brits here call the fashion "high street"-- basically, affordable clothes for girls on a budget who still want to look presentable every day.

Though I did bring two big suitcases full of clothes, I quickly decided that I was sick of all of them and took myself to Topshop right away, stopping at a few other stores too on my quest. Here, dear readers, are the results.

This pair of over the knee boots I got at New Look, a kind of British H&M. The rest of the store was pretty atrocious but these were very reasonably priced and I scored myself a student discount of twenty percent off.

the tassels look like they're going to get really annoying really soon, but the good news is they are detachable.

and then, of course, Topshop. Much better than the Topshop in New York by the way, which is really kind of a joke compared to the palace at Oxford Circus. I got these zip up flats:

and, due to my obsession with galactic prints recently, I had to buy this skirt which I have to say i've been eyeing quite a while now. It was only ten pounds too and the last one left- talk about meant to be.

Lastly, I stopped by Accessorize and got myself some new rings. Accessorize was really nice when I went this time, and I loved the vintage inspiration in everything. These rings are just darling, I think:

and here I have lovingly placed them on the leg of a stuffed animal Amanda made that i have borrowed and nicknamed "Babu":

so that is the long and short of it. I know, i really didn't buy much for a shopaholic of my degree. but more things will be coming soon, I promise you. Because the high street here is... well, what can i say? pretty bloody amazing.

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lovely rings


chione said...

WOW! i actually adore your zip pumps!! and the rings are lush!

check out my blog? :), ive just set it up so its not that good, http://lookprettyplaydirrty.blogspot.com/


Chione X