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Friday, January 9, 2009

yeojin bae, natascha stolle, sophie theallet, shop bando+ visual gratification

Here's the question: what does the new year mean for the modern fashionista? yeah, we know, "new year, new you" ( can't say i haven't heard that line before), but what are the new names in fashion to look out for this year, the hot new places to shop, the new items to covet? what is the new "look" for 2009?

well, readers, if you have been pondering those questions long and hard just as i have, you are in luck for stumbling upon I Think Fashion. I personally combed through every other fashion publication, website, blog what have you- everything that i could get my hands on to come up with this list of what i think will make 2009 one of the most stylish years in fashion yet!

1. New Name: Yeojin Bae

Yeojin Bae has been popping up in every fashion publication from Nylon magazine to Refinery29 since the close of 2008. The korean-australian designer graduated from the prestigious whitehouse school of design in aussie-land and has since interned at anna sui and marc jacobs. her spring '09 capsule collection is feminine with an edgy touch, low-key sexy and irresistably cool.

2. New Name: Natascha Stolle

Natascha Stolle was handpicked by Refinery29 as their favorite emerging designer of 2008, and it's not hard to see why. American born and London-raised, this designer worked with Peter Jensen before debuting her individual collection, which she appropriately titled "Women Who Wished They Were Sluts in High School." Accordingly, Natascha's looks oozed eclectism, intelligence, and sex appeal.

3. New Coveted Item: Sophie Theallet's Chiffon and Silk Dresses

Elle magazine recently did a feature on emerging designer Sophie Theallet in their January 09 issue:

The designer seemed interesting and talented enough; what really caught my eye, however, were these two divine chiffon and silk peasant dresses in the middle of the spread:

these dresses, probably inspired by oil paintings, look like they came out of some kind of historical theatrical production, yet though extravagant they also posess a refreshing simplicity. the fabric and the colour are rich, and so is what the garment suggests about the wearer, but the cut and style are simple and fresh. These are light summer dresses for the stylish girl who wants to wear something different, who wants to stand out and look good in a way people can't quite put their finger on. look at how flattering these dresses are on a human frame:

personally i'd ditch the belt (or at least go for a more solid colour). but there's no question about it, these are some sweet dresses. added to spring 09 wishlist, check.

4. New Online Shop: Shopbando.com

Now everyone from the north pole to the south knows that headbands are the new "it" accesory these days, practically everyone on the street has one wrapped around their head. yet while urban outfitters and forever 21 offer us some nice options, they are limited in choice and questionable in quality. now, if you chance to be a true headband lover, why not take the next step and invest: www.shopbando.com offers delectable headbands and hair accessories at around 100 dollars apiece: they're really works of art to be worn on the head, and not so avante-gaarde that they look silly.

5. New Look: Colourful, Theatrical, Beautiful

Livejournal has this wonderful community called foto_decadent, where posters share some of the most sublime avante-gaarde fashion photography. I found 2009's new beauty look while browsing the threads; the shoot is from Korean magazine Numero, Jan 09, and the photographers are Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello. 2009 is all about going all out for beauty- the colours i've been seeing in beauty spreads are bigger and bolder than ever, and this is no exception. I don't pretend to be an expert in beauty; my daily beauty ritual consist of messy pencil-on eyeliner and lip stain, and maybe blush and mascara if i feel like really pushing it, but spreads like these just make me want to try on the colours and the theatrics and go all out!

6. New (ok, not new, but returning) Look: Flowerchild

wearing floral dresses and posing in grasslands is probably not a new fashion concept, but i'm just so thrilled to see that one of my favorite summer looks, the floral dress and the gladiator sandal, has not died with 2008 but will be, in fact, returning for 2009! In this shoot, from "online glossy" Zoozoom, our flaxen-haired model beauty has substituted the brown glads for an edgier, "new"er silver colour, giving this oldschool hippie flower child look a modern touch. photographed by Gregory Kramer.

7. New Look: Voodoo Queen

Now this is something really new. Zoozoom magazine wants you to dress up like a voodoo queen. I confess, this list item is just here so I can post these awesome pictures for visual gratification: this must be one of the most fantastic shoots I have ever seen. This shoot was apparently inspired by a real life voodoo queen by the name of Marie Laveau. The fashion in itself is not remarkable- so maybe it should be filed more appropriately under "new concept"? Photographed by Louise Hilton.

8. New Brand Obsession: Quail

I confess. I haven't been paying Quail enough attention. I should be. Designed by LA native Michelle Nguyen Williams, the line has been around for four seasons already and is cute as a button. Quail's spring 09 lookbook, chock full of flirty ruffles, vintage inspired cuts and endearing pastel colours just has me longing for summer! I especially like the styling of these loose pink sheer thigh highs in this pink overdose of a first look, as i just purchased some pink sheer stockings myself and was wondering how to wear them. Apparently, "Quail is the girl who sees the beauty in all things—the beauty in the moment—the potential for expression in every piece of clothing, new or old, perfect or imperfect." I want to be that girl. bring it on. ( new year's resolution: obsess about Quail.)

I leave you with 8, a lucky number. Hope it's been a good enough post to kick start the new year :)

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